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What is Legal Workflow Automation?

legal workflow automation


Workflow is a buzz word you’ll hear thrown around by attorneys and legal technology professionals. It’s become such a hot topic that the definition of workflow has evolved as people try to get in on the buzz. 

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What Features Do I Need in a Legal Practice Management Software Application?

legal practice management software


Practice management software vendors tout a multitude of features. But how are you supposed to sift through this sea features to figure out which ones will aid your firm? You're in luck, because I've done the legwork of sifting through features for you. In this article, I will dive into some features you should consider when you’re evaluating practice management software. For the sake of word count, I am not going to include billing features in this article.

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How to Create A Legal Practice Management Software Training Program



Your firm is making an investment in new legal practice management and billing software in order to achieve some desired financial and procedural improvements. And maybe you personally stuck your neck out and bet your career on this new software. There is no better way to facilitate a successful implementation than properly training your staff. In my experience, most law firms view training in one of two ways; the law firm sees training as an investment in their staff and the success of the implementation, or the firm views training as nonessential and just another way the software company tries to get an extra buck out of them.

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